Capcom showcases Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Monster Hunter collaboration


MHXX is out today on in Japan

Monster Hunter XX, the boosted version of Monster Hunter Generations, just hit the Nintendo Switch exclusively in Japan today. Or is it exclusive? Sort of, unless you opt to just download it off the region-free Japanese eShop. Not only can you get the game now, but you can also pick up the free demo without going through a Japanese credit card or point card situation.

It’s not skimping on the Nintendo collaborations either, as Capcom just put out a video highlighting its Breath of the Wildcrossover (revealed earlier this year), which features a Link outfit. Other crossovers include Strider, GARO (a popular anime which also made its way into Final Fantasy XIV), and Okami.

I think I’ll pass on jumping through hoops for XX, or may even pass if it comes west. All my attention right now is fixated on Monster Hunter World.