Capcom shows off a substantial part of the Mega Man X Collection, including the double-boss mode


I’m really into the idea of X Challenge

Capcom TV did another one of its lively streams, and in addition to showing off some upcoming features for existing games like Monster Hunter: World, they also gave some screentime to the Mega Man X Collectionseries, which will be hosting Mega Man X-X8by way of two packs.

Starting at roughly 3:16:00 of the four hour long video, the publishers gives us some insight into the extras of the pack (mostly artwork and the Day of Sigma anime short), as well as a brief look at the games and the concept of the “X Challenge” game mode.

As a reminder, the latter pits Mega Man X against two bosses at once — the demonstration involvesFrost Walrus from X4and Chill Penguin from X. An important aspect of this mode is that you’re using advanced X kit from future games on old bosses like Chill Penguin. It’s almost like an official ROM hack!