Capcom talks classic Mega Man bosses while we wait for Legacy Collection


Cut Man is a fan favorite

Remember when we had a discussion about our favorite Mega Manweapon? Now is the time to shift our focus to Robot Masters, of which there are many in the franchise’s storied history.Capcom Unity recently sat down with a few Mega Man experts (including David Oxford of the Mega Man Network and the author of the Robot Field Guide).

The conversation starts with Cut Man, a classic Mega Man boss and for many, the first boss fight anyone ever had as a child (I think I chose Cut Man first myself nearly three decades ago). It’s a worthy read for any Mega Manfan, and they are going to continue the series, taking a look at a handful of Masters from the first six games to celebrate the impending release of theMega Man Legacy Collection.

So what’s my favorite if we’re just talking the first six games? As many people know, I have a soft spot for Pharaoh Man, who is my top pick for the entire series. I’m also fond of Snake Man, or as my friend once called him “Guy in a Snake Suit.”

MMLC Robot Master List: Cut Man [Capcom Unity]