Capcom's Ono on Alex's role in Street Fighter V


Just a wallflower for now

Speaking at the Street Fighter V panel at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, the title’s producer Yoshiori Ono asked the audience if they had “noticed that Alex is standing in the background” of the recently-revealed “City in Chaos” stage, a question that prompted cheers from the crowd.

Ono didn’t outright confirm the grappler, whose lastappearance in theStreet Fighter series was in Street Fighter III: Third Strike, as a playable character inStreet Fighter V.However, Ono mentioned (via a translator) he is “aware how much [fans] want Alex,” adding he will do what he can to expand Alex’s inclusion beyond the background cameo you see pictured above.

Street Fighter V will launch early next year with a starting roster of 16 fighters, 14 of which have already been announced. Even if Alex isn’t among the two characters who’ve yet to be revealed, there’s always the chance he could be added in later as downloadable content.

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