Castle Crashers Remastered on Switch does support multiple profiles, despite early concerns


Confirmed by Behemoth

So Castle Crashers Remasteredhit the Switch yesterday, and almost immediately there was a ton of confusion as to whether or not multiple profiles could keep their progress on the Switch. As you might recall some games don’t allow for multiple profiles to be signed in, and the same case was assumed for Castle Crashers.

There’s an entire Reddit thread about it, and thankfully user thejslewis go to the bottom of it and found out that yes, the game does support multiple profiles. Behemoth Community Manager Roxanne cleared up the issue directlyon Twitter, noting that progress won’t be saved for guest profiles (by default), but if you use the “Y” button to select a profile, you can save individual character progress.

This is pretty important! If you’re starting a new campaign run this weekend with some friends I wanted to make sure you were taken care of.

Roxanne [Twitter via Reddit]