Catch the first episode of Gundam Twilight AXIS on GundamInfo


If only it was longer than three minutes

As we continue to wait forGundam Versus’releasein the West, the latest Gundam anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS, is now on GundanInfo’s YouTube channel.

The Web anime series is based on a novel thattakes place a few months after Gundam Unicorn, with the premise revolving around a group that’s exploring the remains of AXIS. One of the things that got me interested in the show was that two of the main characters used to be a part of Zeon.

Unfortunately, the show’s first episode is only three minutes, and it felt more like a trailer than an actual short. Either way, it’s nice that GundamInfo made the anime available to people outside of Japansince it was originally announced for the Gundam Fanclub Website.

Seeing that the series will consist of four more three-minute episodes and an eight-minute finale, it’ll be a shame if the Twilight AXIS anime doesn’t change its format. If the show ends up being a disaster, let’s hope that one of the future Super Robot Wars games will redeem it.

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