Catherine: Full Body details its new 'Safety' difficulties


All gain, none of the pain

The main website for nightmarish sexy-time title Catherine: Full Body has been updated by Atlus, giving us a little more information on the new difficulty modes being implemented in the weird anime puzzler.

As displayed by the videos below, it looks like anybody who just wants to dive into the weird troublesome triangle of romance in Catherine’s story won’t have to strain themselves too hard when it comes to the game’s block-climbing puzzle sections, as the new Safety Mode gives a plethora of options including removing traps, the time limit, and backpedaling whenever you make a mistake.

If that isn’t enough, then you can straight up order the game to play itself, leaving your hands free to make a sandwich, create some ice sculpture, or check that Instant Gram site that all you kids are into.

For Catherine vets, the new Arrange Mode will shake up all of the stage layouts and even add new block shapes, in order to give you a fresh new experience with its array of mind-bending stages.

So it looks like whether you’re a Catherine beginner, pro, or simply don’t want to do any work at all, then Full Body will have you covered. Now, all we need is a date for the confirmed western localization. Catherine: Full Body launches in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita February 14.

Catherine: Full Body new difficulty modes explained [Official Site]