Catwoman doesn't seem half bad in her full Injustice 2 gameplay trailer


But(t) the final shot of her super though

Every time I cover Injustice 2 for this site, I bounce back and forth between hype and confusion. And for those of you following its character reveals and story trailers, I’m pretty sure it’s been the same situation for you. The latest gameplay trailer highlights Catwoman, and she seems a little better off than she was in the first game.

I didn’t play her a lot in the first title, so unfortunately I can’t dig too deep into her changes but I like what I see here. Her cat trait seemed slower, and it threw off Poison Ivy’s rhythm (who we should’ve seen in full already, honestly), so I wonder how that’s going to affect her combo potential overall. Injustice 2 seems a lot more close range friendly than the last go around, so I’m impressed.

Too bad about thoseSource Crystalsthough.

Injustice 2is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One May 16.