Cblogs of 4/18 to 4/24/2020: Ico, Resident Evil 3, and where is Trauma Center?


Cblogs Recap: Week 17

-Lord Spencer wonders “Where the Hell is Trauma Center?” in this retrospective, which looks at why the series disappeared and why it would be great to have it back.

-Taterchimp writes about his complicated relationship with the Final Fantasy series, which came to a head during these COVID-19 affected days.

OmegaPhattyAcid reports that the Hal0 2 Anniversary edition limited Beta test is now live.

Dango writes about how The Last Guardian surpassed his initial negative impressions and eventually won him over.

Flegma reports on Xhuming Xplosive Top 10, a collection of Sega Saturn PC ports that I don’t think was an official release.

Black Red Gaming shares his thoughts on the Vigor beta on the Nintendo Switch.

Exber reviews the PSP version of Persona 3.

Kerrik52 reviews Ico, the first game byTeam Ico, as part of his “Traveler in Playtime” blogging series.

NareshKharthick reviews DOOM Eternal.

Ocified-Xboxer is playing the critically acclaimed Control but is not feeling it.

BlackAdler reviews Kemono Heroes on the Nintendo Switch.

Black Red Gaming continues raking the Saints Row games with this second part.

Roager shares his thoughts on Streets of Rouge, an indie roguelike that he loves.

Triggerpigking writes a critique of the latest DOOM game.

JoLoBird explores the good, the dab, and the unknown regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

-Lord Spencer reviews Panzer Dragoon II Zwei on the Sega Saturn as part of his “Saturn REVIEWS” blogging series.

NareshKharthick reviews Resident Evil III Remake.

Noter writes about HoloVista, an application that allows you to “visit” fantastical 3D dreamscapes even while quarantine.

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between some tunes in Chrono Trigger and the music of Jimmy Page.

Exber writes about the nature of second chances in video games and that maybe that concept shouldn’t be discounted in the real world.

Dan Galloway is reading Lovecraft again and is seeing its influence in some of the games he is playing now.

OmegaPhattyAcid shares his list of TV recommendations to watch something in these COVID-19 times.

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