CDPR hackers reportedly sell Cyberpunk 2077 code following $7 million auction


Multiple CDPR releases supposedly on the black market

Last week, we reported how CD Projekt RED had run afoul of a “targeted cyber attack,” with a party of unknown persons reportedly stealing staggering amounts of data from the Polish developer, including the source code to some of its biggest and most recent releases.

Initially the hackers – a group calling itself “HelloKitty” – tried to ransom the stolen data to CDPR, who went public with the entire affair while clearly stating it had no intent of paying the persons responsible. This weekend, it was reported by cyber intelligence group Kela that HelloKitty held an auction on the “dark web,” where it allegedly sold the source code for CDPR’s recent release Cyberpunk 2077. Kela reports that the actual sale took place outside of the auction itself, which reportedly had an opening bid of $1 million USD and a sale price of $7 million USD.

It is alleged that HelloKitty also has copies of the source code for both retail and unreleased builds of 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as well as the code for Witcher‘s spin-off card game, Gwent. In a statement posted last week, CDPR said that it believes the personal details of its employees remain safe. The attack and supposed sale is the latest in a string of nightmares for CD Projekt RED, which has spent the past few months defending itself against numerous lawsuits and negative publicity over the rocky launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which lead CEO Marcin Iwinski to release an official apology video.

CDPR is working with IT specialists and law enforcement officials to investigate the situation.

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