Today's Chapter 2 Fortnite event had a pretty big celebrity cameo


The people’s champ of headshots

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? Well he cooked up a pretty big payday for the Chapter 2 Fortnite event, which just ended at approximately 4:15PM ET.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened.

After being threatened by alien cube forces for the past several seasons, Chapter 2 came to a head today at 4PM ET, as the Cube Queen (who is an unlockable skin through an event this past month) launched her attack.

First up, everyone waited around in a lobby 30 minutes before: for folks who didn’t want to join last minute and get smacked in the face with an error. As a warm-up of sorts, cube monsters started pouring into the main cordoned off zone near the middle of the map, as players fended them off.

Chapter 2 Fortnite event B

Once the clock struck 4PM ET, the Chapter 2 Fortnite event was underway, and the Cube Queen got pissed, and sent bigger and badder creatures into the collective last stand of our party.

While clearly scripted, the assault was pretty fun to fend off. The Queen sent UFOs to bombard the shield protecting the area and the gigantic hulking Caretakers, which took a lot of ammo to take down. I killed one, and had to retreat to the back of the base as most of the team was dead.

Fast-forward to a planned cutscene, and bam, the reveal: The Rock.

Chapter 2 Fortnite event 2

The Foundation’s identity is revealed, and it’s basically Dwayne Johnson. He saves the day, his helmet comes off, and he does The People’s Eyebrow.

I’m sure plenty of people popped in front of their TV screens, despite the tease a few days before that he would be involved.

Chapter 2 Fortnite event 1

After that, The Rock’s crew saves everyone and brings them underground, where you escape another assault from The Queen through a series of guided tunnels: just like a theme park ride.

At the end a Caretaker monster smashes through a window protecting you from getting sucked into the ocean, and you end up waking up on the surface; just in time to witness the entire island flipping over in a very cool cutscene. The Queen is thwarted.

Like the last seasonal event, it was fun!

These things are breezy, turn-your-brain-off 15 minute romps, and it’s something everyone across the playerbase is doing at the exact same time. It lacks a cheapness that a lot of other similar events have.

The next season/chapter will kick off sometime in the next few days.