Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and more) is always delightful to watch


Dude loves life

While you’d be hard pressed to find someone who works at Nintendo and says they hate their job on camera,Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario (and many more like Luigi) seems to genuinely love his job.

He kind of has to if he’s been doing it for 26 years, and this short interview from Great Big Story encapsulates why he loves it so much. Again, it’s brief, but you get a quick look at Martinet’s theater and performance career before he starting working for Nintendo, as well as a fun little tidbit about his audition process.

His experience seems very similar to Ellen McLain, who I just recently witnessed on a panel at this past MAGFest. She, just like Martinet, explains that she happened upon the gig not really knowing about the world of video games, but slowly grew to appreciate them over time.