Check out 10 minutes of NieR Replicant gameplay right here


Action and music from RPG revisit

Square Enix has released a new gameplay video featuring 10 minutes of footage from its upcoming adventure title NieR Replicant, which is currently in development at Toylogic for PS4, PC, and Xbox One with a western release scheduled for April 23.

Titled “The Barren Temple,” the video sees our protagonist exploring the hostile desert wilderness of Facade, accompanied by the highly skilled fighter Kaine and the sentient magical tome, Grimoire Weiss. After gaining favor with a guard, the trio enters the titular Barren Temple, where they come face-to-face with a strange boss guardian consisting of a battalion of enchanted cubes. Weird stuff, as one might expect from the Drakengard universe.

Fans of NieR‘s epic, sweeping, evocative scores might also be interested in the three videos below, two of which feature previews of NieR Replicant‘s re-arranged themes “Kaine” and “Snow in Summer,” as composed by Keiichi Okabe. The third video features a selection of samples taken from the “Weiss Edition” soundtrack – an exclusive item found only in the NieR Replicant White Snow Limited Edition.

NieR Replicant ‘The Barren Temple’ gameplay soundtrack videos [Gematsu]