Check out a few really pretty minutes of Granblue Fantasy PS4 gameplay


But where do I roll for SSRs?

Despite being one of the biggest names in Japanese gacha gaming, Cygames’ RPG Granblue Fantasydoesn’t seem all that well-known outside the otaku scene. That’s to be expected, given the game is theoretically Japan-exclusive. This status quo is one that Cygames has opted to keep to for some reason, despite the game being playable internationally (via browser) and having a fully-integrated English localization available.

Whatever the motivation for keeping the main Granbluegame in relative obscurity, I hope they don’t sleep on pushingGranblue Fantasy Project Re: LINKacross the pond. Announced long ago and being developed by Platinum, whatever Re: LINK ends up being called is looking really pretty, as evidenced by some direct-feed gameplay footage below.

First aired at Granblue Festival (yes, they have their own con), the footage shows character Katalina strolling through a picturesque town, encountering fully rendered 3D versions of generic NPCs that in the main game are just 2D cutouts. Party members Percival, Rackam, and Io are added to the party for a big fight against a large boss, showing off the action flair Platinum are known for. Notable is how closely Re:LINKadapts the style of the main game, from the font of the damage numbers to their attempts to emulate the vividly colored special effects used by art director Hideo Minaba. Even the gameplay feels informed by the source, featuring a “Chain Burst” special effect that triggers when the party unleashes their ultimate attacks in quick succession.

It remains to be seen what the rest of the game will be like outside the combat, but at this point I’m kind of excited by the prospect this janky browser RPG get a treatment befitting its popularity. I just hope I don’t have to roll the dice again to see if I can play my favorite characters.