Check out all the doujin games from winter Comiket


Astebreed developer spotlights this season’s Japanese indies

Comiket, the largest independent media festival on the planet, is winding down its winter festivities. Over the past three days, hundreds of thousands of folks have flocked to the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center to acquire self-published manga, anime, and games straight from the source.

As has become custom, Edelweiss, the team behindAstebreed, has put together a lengthly highlight reel showcasing all the hot games on sale there. See something you like? Let us and the usual suspects, doujin game publishers like Playism and Nyu Media, know which ones caught your eye. Yell loud enough at the right people and maybe some of these will get localized.

コミケ(C87)同人ゲームまとめ動画 [Edelweiss]