Check out all the dropped frames in the first hour of Homefront: The Revolution


This doesn’t look promising

Homefront: The Revolutionisn’t out till next Friday, but that didn’t stop the sneaky chums at Eurogamer from getting their hands on a copy and capturing the first hour for us to see. Boy does the frame rate look shitty.

It should be noted the exact hardware of the computer used to capture this footage isn’t known aside from it including an Intel i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card, which Eurogamer notes is above the recommended specs. Also, this is an early release, so there potentially could be a day-one patch or driver update to address issues with the game at launch.

The early story bits look fantastic, with great lighting and character models, but the actual shooting and gameplay shown toward the end just seem dull and bland. Let’s hope by the time Homefrontis out, these problems are fixed and we don’t end up with another Batman: Arkham Knight.