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Hit or miss?

Hi! Nick Valdez over at Flixist has just reviewed Hitman: Agent 47, a film starring Rupert Friend as a silent but deadly super agent in the silent but deadly rebootquel to the silent but not deadly at all 2007 film. Here’s a little bit of what he thought:

Despite never quite getting a videogame adaptation right, studios are still trying to churn out film after film in order to hit that elusive sweet spot where they please both new audiences and fans of the original videogame. It’s a daunting task since neither audience really knows what they want in the end. It leads some videogame films (like theResident EvilSeries, for example) to just forego all of that and just try and make something fun.

That’s whereHitman: Agent 47comes in. A sequel that soft reboots the series (they tried to launch a set ofHitmanfilms in 2007, unsuccessfully) into a slick, goofy, and surprisingly faithful action film that I kind of want to see more of.

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