Check out Flixist's review of Warcraft (the movie)


Obscure, relevant WoW reference

Hi, Destructoid! I’m back again to let you know that we just reviewed Warcraftover at Flixist (Yes, Dtoid has a sister movie site. Yes, we’re awesome. Yes, come read our words.) In case you didn’t know Warcraftis a movie based on a video game that a few people here and there enjoy playing. You’re probably already assuming it’s terrible, but honestly it’s not that bad.

It’s not that good either. Here’s an excerpt:

WhenWarcraft(thenWorld of Warcraft) was first announced with Sam Raimi directing, I thought that was pretty perfect. Raimi has a deft touch for handling things that are slightly absurd. His almost tongue-in-cheek direction would fit nicely with some high fantasy.

Then he left and Duncan Jones came in, and my brain got confused, but also intrigued. Jones, best known forMoon, wasn’t a big blockbuster director, though he clearly knows how to imbue genre films with something more than you’d expect. Things were definitely looking interesting.

They didn’t turn out that way.

Come on over and read the full thing on Flixist.