Check out Rescue Rangers NES reimagined by the Owlboy artist



As I’ve said many times in the past, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangersfor the NES is one of my favorite retro games. It has a host of secrets, optional paths, tight controls, and it’s infinitely replayable due to its quick speed and two player component. It only had one sequel, but it came at the twilight of the NES’ career, and never really caught on.

So imagine my excitement when Simon Andersen, creator and developer of Owlboy, posted his custom rendition of what a new Rescue Rangersgame couldlook like if he were at the helm. Simply put, it’s beautiful, and I love the concept of a playableGadget.

Although he’d have to get both Disney and Capcom to sign off on it, I’d love to see it happen.

Simon S. Andersen [Twitter]