Check out some of the delightful Cosplay from EGX 2017


I was asked three times: ‘It’s not for The Daily Mail, is it?’

I’m a big fan of cosplay. I’d take part myself if I was younger, better-looking, more-talented, creative, more proactive… umm. Anyway, I get a real kick out of cosplayers and their great outfits. I really enjoy the public performance aspect of it. Playing a character is obviously something close to my heart, post-wrasslin’, and I enjoy seeing people take such pride in showing off their wonderful creations.

So, here’s a gallery of some of the guys and gals who turned up to EGX in Birmingham last week in the guise of some of fantasy’s finest. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned in other write-ups, The NEC was horrendously lit, a stark contrast of pitch black and blazing spotlights, so I apologise in advance for some of my sub-par photography.

Hope you too enjoy some of the epic guys and gals I encountered over the weekend. Sincere thanks to everyone pictured here, you all looked great and brightened up both the show and my day.

Credits:Tracer: RageDarlingFelicia: NethicitecosplayWonder Woman (Movie): babydollcosplayMei: LlivingDead91Battleborn Pheobe: Hollysocks Battleborn Marquis: SupremeOutcastAna Amari: CloakandScissorStar-Lord: EssexstarlordJoker (Suicide Squad): Tristan Harris Winter Soldier & Friends – SmashGaming999 – Header Image: Tabitha LyonsRed-Haired Warriors: Tabitha Lyons and LittleJemThe Joker (Classic): Jimcredible

[Please be kind with your comments, folks. I received approval for publication from all non-stage featured models. Credit is given where details were passed. If you see yourself and would like to be linked in the credits, or if you would like your image removed, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. I will, of course, accommodate your wishes.]