Check out the Secret of Mana remake's intro movie here


Fortresses and Flamingos

Square Enix have released the intro movie to the Secret of Mana remake, coming to Sony consoles and PC at the start of 2018.

The two minute clip spins a yarn about the legendary Mana Fortress, created out of the life-force of the planet, in order to hold dominion over man. This angered the Gods who sent down beasts and monsters, in order to punish the world for its greed and avarice.

I think it’s quite pretty, I like the classic comic-book style and the pastel colours. The narration isn’t too bad either. The English dub of the game appears to be the only real sticking point so far for some fans, but hopefully there will be a language option for those who’d rather not experience it.

Secret of Mana launches worldwide on PS4, PS Vita and PC on February 15, 2018.