Check out this Chun-Li outfit for the Handler in Monster Hunter World


I don’t really NEED it, but actually maybe I do

Why yes, I totally would like to dress up my handler in Monster Hunter World as Chun-Li. Good thinking! And kitting myself out as Dante from Devil May Cry? Uh huh. I’m all about that too.

Capcom has previewed its upcoming slate of DLC for World and there’s some fun stuff on the way.

The first half of the video covers some newly-released hairstyles, stamps, and dance emotes, while the latter half shows off new items: Mega Man stamps (April 13), Devil May Cry stamps (April 27), a cool gun-wielding Dante gesture (April 27), and the Chun-Li Handler outfit (April 27).

The unlock criteria for the Dante armor set isn’t known yet, but I hope it’ll be easier for me than the quest for Ryu’s outfit. I struggled with that one a bit more than I’d care to admit.