Check out this incredible Mirror's Edge map in Call of Duty


Sux Lolz does not suck

If you ever wondered what the lovechild of Mirror’s Edge and Call of Duty might look like, wonder no more, my friend.

YouTuber SuX Lolz (Best. Username. Ever) has recreated the prologue map from the parkour game in the Death Run mod in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (thanks, PCGamesN). And it looks incredible.

Though unfinished, the level is incredibly detailed, including a day/night cycle. Here, take a butcher’s yourself:

Amazing, right?

This is probably my last cod4 map,” said creator Sux Lolz in the video description. “I worked on this map for now 3 months, the map is not finish[ed] but I decided to make the preview now.

“This map will have like 4 secrets (not finish[ed]), there is 5 rooms: bounce / weapons / sniper / knife / shotgun , some rooms are on the street and some other room on rooftop.”