Chibi-classic Powerful Pro Baseball is getting a pint-sized anime show


Mini web series in the works

Well, here’s a weird one to see the week out. Konami has announced that its adorable baseball franchise Powerful Pro Baseball – previously known as JikkyÅ Powerful Pro YakyÅ« and Power Pros – is to receive a web-based anime adaptation.

The show, which is currently in development at anime studio CloverWorks, will tell the story of two childhood friends and their efforts to achieve their dream of playing ball at the Koshien Stadium. The series is expected to run for a mere four episodes at the scant runtime of 10 minutes per episode, as short as its totes-adorbs cast members, I suppose.

You can check out some super-cute concept artworks over at PR Times.

The JikkyÅ Powerful Pro YakyÅ« series launched way back in 1994 on the Super Famicom, before going on to spawn a lengthy list of sequels and spin-offs – some with and some without official sponsorship from the Nippon Professional Baseball league. The JikkyÅ Powerful Pro YakyÅ« exists today as eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

[Via Gematsu]