Chiptuner team elix make the Super Nintendo do things I never thought it could


All I can think about now is Johnny Mnemonic

There’s nothing that quite replicates the gritty ’90s synth of the Super Nintendo’s Sony SPC700 sound chip. Electronic dance music team elix, consisting of cTrix and ferris, have developed a music track creator, so that chiptuning for the venerable system will be a ton easier for anyone wanting to pump out tunes on native SNES hardware.

The tracker will have full access to the SPC700 and one click ROM generation, as well as a WYSIWYG editor and other goodies. The playlist above showcases several demos of what elix has created with their prototype tracker, and it’s right up there with some of the most complex sounding music I’ve heard professional developers wrangle out of the SNES. The team states that this is only the beginning as they believe they’re only starting to figure out the potential of the SPC700 chipset and future tunes will bring even more unique sounds out of the archaic hardware. The team hopes to have a public beta out sometime this year.

I love the dirty sound of the SNES and literally every ones of these tunes reminds me of raw cyberpunk goodness à la Shadowrun.

“This is just the beginning of what we can do on f*cking Super Nintendo” [Attract Mode]