Pinch me, there's actually a new Chocobo kart racer on the way


The PlayStation kart racing underdog returns

When I was growing up, so many kids had Mario Kart and CTR: Crash Team Racing. But one of the first games I got for my PlayStation was Chocobo Racing, a Final Fantasy kart racer featuring the various monsters and mascots of the series.

At this point, I hadn’t played any other Final Fantasy, but I didn’t really care; I maintained that this kart racer was incredible, and it became a mainstay for many after-school hangouts. So imagine my surprise when, during today’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix revealed a successor called Chocobo GP, coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

I think my voice shook the walls of my apartment.

Chocobo GP will see the feathered fantasy bird and his sick rocket-powered roller skates speed through Final Fantasy-themed courses once more, alongside returning characters like the White Mage and some other seemingly new competitors.

Of course, you can also unleash the magic of Final Fantasy upon your enemies, and there are plenty of in-universe locales, like Alexandria and the Golden Saucer to name a few.

Even after the trademark registration from a while back, I did not think this would actually happen. A Chocobo Racing successor is not something I had on my bingo card, but I am very excited to see this kart racer return in 2022. After all, Mario is still karting away and CTR: Crash Team Racing got a new version too. It’s time for the Chocobo to have its time in the spotlight.