Chris Charla would love to see No Man's Sky on Xbox One


Urges devs to reach out regarding release parity

On the newest episode of The Inner Circle Podcast, [email protected] director Chris Charla stated that he would love to see No Man’s Sky release on Xbox One, but understands that the decision ultimately comes down to the developer Hello Games.

When directly asked, he replied “I would love to see it.” When Charla was asked if he thought Microsoft policies like its stance on release parity might be turning developers of games like No Man’s Sky away from the platform, he told concerned developers to reach out to him and discuss their concerns.

“If you’re worried about policies, we try to be really easy to get in touch with. When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent. Don’t assume that something you read on NeoGAF is our policy, just talk to us.”

No Man’s Sky is due out on PS4 some time this year, with a PC release coming later.