Chromie continues to look like a nuisance in Heroes of the Storm


She’s playable on the Public Test Realm now

For anyone who needs to brush up on their World of Warcraft lore, here’s a refresher on Chromie, the gnome I said looked like a beast that one time. She arrives in Heroes of the Storm proper on May 17, but until then, you can try her out on the Public Test Realm.

The keeper of time is showing up as an “artillery assassin” and I can already tell I’m gonna get real annoyed at her W ability, Dragon’s Breath, but will love wielding it. The projectile attack rains down on the map without the usual area-of-effect indicator to give her foes a heads up.

Here’s how she stacks up:



  • You’ve traveled into the future, and as such, will learn your Talents 1 level earlier than your teammates.

Basic Abilities

Sand Blast (Q)

  • After 1 second, fire a long-range blast that damages the first enemy Hero it hits.

Dragon’s Breath (W)

  • Fire a blast into the air that lands after 1.5 seconds, dealing damage to enemies in an area. Enemies cannot see where the blast will land.

Time Trap (E)

  • Place a Time Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 seconds. The first enemy Hero to touch it will be placed into Stasis for 2 seconds. Only 1 Trap can exist at once.

Heroic Abilities

Slowing Sands (R)

  • Create a swirling vortex of sand which greatly slows enemies caught within its area of effect. The longer Slowing Sands is active, the greater its slow becomes.

Temporal Loop (R)

  • Target enemy Hero will be teleported 3 seconds back in time to the position they were in when you initially cast Temporal Loop.

My gold reserves are running low, butChromieis on the “next character purchase” shortlist for sure.