Chrono Trigger's PC port gets its first patch


‘Original’ graphics are back!

Chrono Trigger randomly appearing on Steam should have been a dream come true, but Square Enix’s ports of classic RPGs have always been plagued with issues. The most pressing thing wrong with Chrono Trigger was the hideous filter applied to the backgrounds and character sprites, but today’s update has added the option to trigger the “Original” graphics, which is a good start.

The first in a series of updates that isn’t stopping at just presentation, this patch also addresses things like font sizes, text boxes, the intro sequence and dialogue window graphics. This should bring the game more in line with how fans remembered it instead of the softer, less distinguished look the PC port originally had.

Here are the patch notes, for those interested:

CHRONO TRIGGER – Patch #1 Update [Steam Community]

  • ‘Original’ Graphics Setting: A new option will allow players to choose between the current high-resolution character sprites and background graphics, or an ‘Original’ mode which has a display style closer to that of the original Chrono Trigger.
  • Updated Font and Dialogue Boxes: Fonts and dialogue window graphics are updated to give the game a more classic look and feel.
  • Adjusted Start-Up Sequence: The order of the animated opening sequences when starting a new game is reworked to be more in line with previous versions of the game.
  • Additional enhancements and fixes to the text and graphics within the game to enhance the PC play experience.

CHRONO TRIGGER – Patch #1 Update [Steam Community]