Cities: Skylines is getting a Campus expansion and 'lo-fi study music'


I’ll chill to that

Realistically, where can Cities: Skylines go from here? We’ve seen expansions that deal with nightlife and natural disasters, sustainability and industry. There was even one themed around concerts. With the incoming Campus DLC on May 21, the next focal point for the long-lasting city-builder will be all things higher education. That’s right, we’re going back to school to prove to dad that I’m not a fool.

After casually chatting about student loans this morning (for no particular reason it just came up), the timing on this announcement is fortuitous. Set out to build your citizens the best possible college campus so they have fond memories to look back on when they’re old, tired, and debt-ridden.

With the Campus expansion, Cities: Skylines will offer you the opportunity to create a campus (either a trade school, liberal arts college, or university) and proceed to attract students to raise your reputation. You can run book fairs, build stadiums and manage your teams, and hand out research grants.

More than anything else though, the new radio station caught my eye. For four bucks, the Deep Focus Radio add-on includes 16 tracks in the oh-so-popular “Ambient and Lo-Fi study music” category. You’re too much, Colossal Order. There’s also going to be a 16-track Campus Rock Radio station.

The other optional add-on for May is a five-dollar University City content creator pack from KingLeno. It includes “36 low-density residential buildings, 32 low-density commercial buildings, and 15 props including commercial signs and logos to reflect the student residents in your neighborhood.”

If you’re not looking to pay for any extras this month, Cities: Skylines has a few items planned: a pair of new library buildings, a new school bus, more industry policies, and job titles in the citizen info panel.