Cities: Skylines welcomes the 'Campus' expansion on consoles


Earn your diploma from the comfort of your couch

Paradox Interactive has finally ported over the “Campus” expansion for Cities: Skylines on PS4 and Xbox One. Allowing players to plop down university districts, Academic Works, a varsity sports arena, and a few other unique buildings, “Campus” is yet another way to customize your city to be your personal utopia. You can currently grab the DLC for $12.99 from the digital storefront of your preferred console.

Along with the main expansion, some smaller DLC packs have also been released. Both the “University City” and “Radio Station Pack 3” are available to expand the aesthetics and tunes of your cities. The first pack (going for $4.99) will let you tweak the curb appeal of your schools with 15 new props and a variety of new buildings for each district. The radio station add-on (going for $7.99) will add a ton of Lo-Fi jams to listen to along with “Deep Focus Radio” and “Campus Rock Radio.”