City Connection seems to be teasing a Zombie Nation comeback


Namakubi NES Nostalgia

Retro game enthusiast City Connection has opened a mysterious website teasing the publisher’s next project. While absolutely no information has been offered on the creepy webpage, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that the background image has been pulled from the intro sequence of obscure 1990 NES title Zombie Nation.Originally released in Japan as Abarenbou Tengu, Zombie Nation is a very odd horizontally scrolling shmup in which players guide a samurai’s disembodied head, (or a floating Tengu mask in the original Japanese release), as it attempts to rid the United States of invading alien forces, which have come to Earth to enslave the populace through mind control – hence “Zombie Nation.”

You can check out the weirdness below, courtesy of YouTuber Nintendo Complete.

Given City Connection’s love of all things shmup, this new teaser site would seem to suggest a remaster or remake of this underplayed title. But until the publisher is ready to reveal its hand, we’re just going to have to wait and see. Still, an odd choice of title to make a comeback.

City Connection launches “Next Project” teaser website [Gematsu]