City Shrouded in Shadows cancels Vita Version, Evangelion Unit-01 and Gamera confirmed


Escape the giant monster fight Shinji

After over a year of silence, City Shrouded in Shadow has risen from the depths of potential cancellation to reveal new details and a release date in this week’s issue of Famitsu.

When the game was last heard from, it was in development for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Since then, for various reasons that were not detailed, development went to PS4 only. However, since the change to PlayStation 4, development is now sitting at 75 percent complete, and the team is aiming for launch this fall in Japan.

In addition, the magazine confirmed the inclusion of the previously teased Evangelion Unit-01, the Fourth Angel, and the classic giant monster Gamera. They’ve also further detailed how the works included will be handled. All franchises will be given their own stages and will not be interacting with each other. This means, unfortunately, you won’t be escaping in a stage where Evangelion Unit-01 has engaged Godzilla. There are currently four known stages — Ultraman, Godzilla, Evangelion, and Gamera — with a fifth stage where the work used is described as “highly mobile” with “gunshots and sparks that cut through the darkness.”

Details were also provided about the player’s protagonist. Players are able to play as male or female, and customize the name, clothes, hairdo, and occupation of their character. In addition, during gameplay they will be given choices to make, and depending on what they choose, NPCs may choose to view them as a horrible person.

I’m curious as to what the final work is. Given the description, it’s likely something mechanical, although that could still be literally anything. Perhaps it’s a Gundam?

City Shrouded in Shadow now PS4-only, launches this fall in Japan [Gematsu]