Class action lawsuit filed against NVIDIA over GTX 970 card


When keeping it not real goes wrong

For those unfamiliar with the plight of the PC master race, there has been an ongoing debacle surrounding NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 970 video card. Users have been complaining that the advertised performance hasn’t been up to snuff.

As is the case when these type of issues arise, a class-action lawsuit has been filed in California claiming that the company misled customers about the capabilities of its GTX 970. Named in the suit were NVIDIA and Giga-Byte Technology.

The suit says that NVIDIA “engaged in a scheme to mislead consumers nationwide about the characteristics, qualities and benefits of the GTX 970 by stating that the GTX 970 provides a true 4GB of VRAM, 64 ROPs, and 2048 KB of L2 cache capacity, when in fact it does not.”

Good for the people that filed this suit. If you’re spending upwards of $300+ for a video card, then you certainly should expect it to perform as advertised.

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