Classic cel-shaded shooter XIII is free to kick off GOG's spring sale


Free is for me

It’s getting to be that time in the northern hemisphere. The sun angle is higher, the days are getting longer, baseballs are starting to sprout in the many outfields of America, it’s spring! To celebrate surviving the (hopefully only) full Covid winter, GOG is kicking off a spring sale on many of its DRM-free games.

As is usual with these sales, the kick-off comes with a free giveaway, and this time around it’s the classic comic-book-based shooter, XIII. From now until Thursday at 9 AM EDT, you can claim the game to keep forever, DRM-free, and forget about that remake that was released last year.

For those with a few coins to spare, there is a flash sale going on to start the sale that will last the length of the giveaway. Included in the flash sale is Moonlighter coming in at a dirt-cheap five dollars.

Some other highlights from the sale:

Okay maybe that last one isn’t the best sale price but I need to hold out hope for Viccy3.

The spring sale will run through April 5 with no indication of further flash sales being implemented.