Classic platformer adventure Another World hits Switch on June 25


Mind the slugs

Another World (Out of this World) has found its way to many platforms in the years since its original 1991 release. It’s an important game, one I hope manages to reach new audiences every time it’s re-released. Next on the list is Nintendo Switch, with a launch now set for June 25, 2018.

The Switch version is being handled by Dotemu in collaboration with The Digital Lounge and Another World‘s creator, Eric Chahi. There isn’t a new trailer to go along with the release date announcement, but this retrospective video with Chahi from last month is worth a watch if you missed it.

The game’s art still holds up so well, as does its evocative storytelling. Fair warning for new players, though: it can be brutal! Anyone who’s played Another World will have the progression path forever committed to memory, but if it’s your first time, expect to die a lot through trial and error.