Clone Hero streamer shreds full combo of a seemingly impossible song


Absolutely incredible.

If you haven’t played Guitar Hero since the days of “Through the Fire and the Flames,” well, things have come a long way. Modding communities have sprung up and developed new, incredible, seemingly insurmountable challenges. And the only thing better than an impossible challenge is seeing someone thrash it.

Clone Hero competitive player and streamer “CarnyJared” has been working on nailing a 100% Full Combo, or FC, of a custom track called “Soulless 6.” It’s part of the “Soulless” series of charts, and well, once you see him start playing it, you’ll get why it appeared impossible.

It has been tech FC’d before—basically, playing Full Combo’ing it in segments—by another player, though that took not just breaking it up into individual pieces, but swapping guitars and stances. Jared’s run is one straight go of it, start to finish.

Though the era of plastic instruments might have faded, it’s clear there are still players out there ready to push these guitars and charts to their absolute limits. You can find CarnyJared’s Twitch channel, where he livestreamed the FC run and more, here.