Code of Princess producer wants sequel on PS4, Xbox One


Guardian Heroes successor ‘sold beyond our expectations’ in North America

A sequel toCode of Princessmight be in the cards,Agatsuma Entertainment producer Yasuo Nakajima let slip when speaking withSiliconera. Despite lackluster sales in Japan, the beautifully crafted side-scrolling successor toGuardian Heroesexceeded expectations on this side of the Pacific.

“[Street Fighterartist Kinu Nishimura] already has ideas aboutCode of Princess 2in mind already,” Nakajima divulged when asked about the possibility of a sequel. “IfCode of Princess 2goes into development maybe it wiGuardian Heroesll be for consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. I want to develop it a sequel toCode of Princessfor core gamers like fans that are anticipatingDragon’s Crownnow.”

Whether that dream becomes a reality depends on a variety of factors: resources, manpower, and timing. In addition to requiring a larger team to develop for consoles, Nakajima is interested in bringing back the Guardian Heroes creators. With any luck the stars will align and we’ll be seeing Solange and company again sooner or later.

Code Of Princess producer wants to develop sequel for PS4 or Xbox One[Siliconera]