Codemasters brings DiRT to Steam Early Access minus the Gymkhana


DiRT Rally

The next entry in Codemasters’ DiRT racing series is available now on Steam Early Access and that “scares the absolute crap out of [the studio], but in a good way.” It’s called DiRT Rally, and if this is the first you’re hearing about the title (much less that it’s playable), we’re not so different, you and I.

“You’ve been asking us for a game that is pure rally with none of the fluff, one that has more stages, longer stages and repairs in between stages,” wrote Codemasters. “You’ve told us how you want your own team, to be able to set the car up how you want and to feel like you own the car you’re driving. We want to deliver that game.”

Until that time arrives, assuming it ever does, here’s the current content breakdown: 17 cars, 36 stages, team management, league support, and asynchronous daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

Initial user reviews for Rally on Steam are positive and cite a return to form for Codemasters. Early Access is something I’m always hesitant to participate in, but if this approach to development results in a better game and people feel they’re getting their money’s worth when they pay, that’s cool with me.

As for potential console ports, Codemasters will deliver those “if there is sufficient demand” — but not until the DiRT Rally experience feels “absolutely right” on PC first.