Come watch the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show with us!


This feels like Day9 of E3

The tagline for this year’s E3 PC Gaming Show is “See the future of PC gaming.” Well, yeah! Every E3 press conference is completely focused on the future of its subject. It wouldn’t make much sense if these were just giant retrospectives.

Dumb slogan aside, we’re 30 minutes from the start of 2018’s PC Gaming Show. What hardware drama can we expect? AMD just revealed its 32-core 64-thread Ryzen Threadripperso we probably won’t see any CPU stuff unless Intel has something up its sleeve. The release date of the Nvidia 1180 was recently cast into doubt, so maybe this an opportune time for that reveal. Also, Intel has been rumored to be getting into the GPU game (but that might be an announcement that’s best saved for CES).

As for games, who knows what’s in store. The PC Gaming Show has kind of traditionally been a place for news tidbits and demos that don’t fit into any other press conferences. The guest list was made public a few weeks ago and Sega and Square Enix are probably the most notable publishers who are making an appearance.

Anyway, join us and get down to chat in the comments as we see the future of PC gaming. Crystal balls are optional.

(Also,here’s a link to the week’s press conference scheduleso you always know which publisher is up next.)