Come watch the PC Gaming E3 Show with us!


I hope the video card numbers get higher

Computers: They’re not just for nerds anymore. Lots of people have them, including me. How else would I be typing this? You ever try blogging from a phone?

Two years ago, PC gaming struck back with an E3 press conference of its own. Typically reserved for platform-holders and major third-party publishers, someone took the initiative to give PC players a chunk of the E3 spotlight.

Something must’ve gone right because we’re staring down the barrel of the third consecutive PC Gaming E3 show — this time sponsored by Intel instead of AMD. Here’s a list of the speakers, which include Xbox, Oculus, Sega, and Firaxis. We’re probably at the point where we can expect something fairly significant to come from this event.

Sit back, grab a cold one(even though it’s early morning for a lot of you), and join in some shared civil discourse of all the going-ons at the PC Gaming show. It starts at 10am Pacific, 30 minutes from when this post goes live.