Come watch us play Dragon's Crown live today!


I promise the show won’t drag-on!

In an awesome turn of events we’ve gotten our hands on an early copy of Dragon’s Crown (spoiler alert: It’s really really good) so we’re going to pass along the good times with an extra special episode of the Gentlemen’s Club! We’re going live at 4pm PST today on with a full crew and we’ll be working our way through the story and committing buxom murder on a variety of fully breasted enemies.

Are you picking up the subtle hints about the nature of this game?

Anyway, we’ll have some of our rad friends from Atlus in the chat dropping codes for the game throughout the show, so you’ll also have a chance to get your murder on just a little bit early.

No, that’s not all. We’re also giving out coupon codes courtesy of our mates at Play-Asia.comso you can get your shop on as well.

Make sure to stop by, it’s going to be CRAAAAAZY!