Comments of the E3 2018: EA Presentation


What the f**k did they do to Command & Conquer?!

This is a duo blog, compiled by the hard working pari of Perro and TheLimoMaker.

So that was the EA press conference this year… It was worse than any of could have predicted.No fresh new AAA IP’s on display, no mining of old classic IP’s to bring to us on new generation hardware.

Nope, just a bunch of crap all lined up in a row.

We laughed, cried, snarked and, most importantly, you all commented!Almost all of these comments can be found here:Come watch EA’s E3 2018 press conference with us!


TheLimoMaker:Disappointment awaits!

TheLimoMaker:See, that disappointment.

TheLimoMaker:Don’t give them any ideas, have you seen what they’ve done to Command & Conquer?!

TheLimoMaker:They are Microsoft. They have no soul.

TheLimoMaker:People used to clap at witch burnings. History will judge them poorly.

TheLimoMaker:Battle royale in everything baby!

TheLimoMaker:Please, dear God, no more battle royale games.

TheLimoMaker:They seem to be more inept than usual.

TheLimoMaker:Now that’s how you milk a player.

TheLimoMaker:They can take our money, but they can never take our sarcastic comments!

TheLimoMaker:Also known as their only interesting IP out for the next year.

TheLimoMaker:Anyone but Andrew Wilson.

TheLimoMaker:Truly, this is the golden age of gaming.

TheLimoMaker:You are a lucky man, my good sir.

TheLimoMaker:And may they never be heard from again.

TheLimoMaker:Yeah… Fuck them for Command & Conquermobile.

Perro:Now, I hardly think that EA would stoop so low with such a beloved franchi-Perro:Oh…. oh no. Nooooooooo…….

Perro:Let the awkward showfloor shenanigans and fake enthusiasm from the conference hosts begin!

Perro:Yeah, I’d say that about sums it up pretty well.

Perro:EA was quite the stud this presentation! If anything they sweeped us off our feet with that FIFA post show!

Perro:Finding a positive comment about the 2018 E3 EA stream is like trying to find a good announcement in a 2018 E3 EA stream.

Hope you folks enjoy the rest of the E3 streams this week, it can only get better from here on out! (Oh god let’s hope so) Perro and Limo signing off!