Comments of the E3 2018: Microsoft Presentation


Much better

What do you know, Microsoft didn’t wet the bed this year which makes a nice welcome change to be honest. No, instead this year Microsoft seemed to take all the rightful criticism on board and showcased what we gamers really want to see: Games that we can play on our PC and PS4!

In all seriousness though, the sheer amount of games meant that selecting comments was a real struggle because I had to keep flicking back to the stream every ten seconds to make sure I hadn’t missed something. As such, I have had to flick back through the comments section as I missed loads of comments last night.

We all also managed to keep the snarkiness to a minimum…what has become of you all?

TheLimoMaker:This guy understands what E3 is all about.

TheLimoMaker:It’s okay Wes, I can’t do much better.

TheLimoMaker:As long as there is an internet, then there will always be disgusting children willing to abuse me verbally.

TheLimoMaker:I mean who doesn’t like Tom Clancy games?

TheLimoMaker:It happens once a millennia, so this game is obviously in 2230.

TheLimoMaker:Tasty…I would actually buy this.

TheLimoMaker:Hey I managed it, just gotta have two tabs open at once.

TheLimoMaker:FromBethesda?They haven’t made a good RPG since Oblivion!

TheLimoMaker:The animation looks like shit, but yes I did.

TheLimoMaker:Pretty much this.

TheLimoMaker:What he said.

TheLimoMaker:My sentiments exactly.

TheLimoMaker:I haven’t played the game so no comment.

TheLimoMaker:Hey man, Goofier already said you can’t be an online gamer without them homphobic slurs, too!

TheLimoMaker:It wasn’t the worst announcement of their conference to be fair.

TheLimoMaker:Dad May Cry…because you’re a bloody disappointment.

TheLimoMaker:And about damned time, too.

That’s all from me here, but catch me later as I try and keep up with the Sony, Ubisoft, and Limited Run conferences!

I have a busy couple of days ahead of me…

See you round!