Comments of the Week 03


What year is it?

[Coming to you a little late, what a busy week it’s been! This was a special week for me too, as I proposed to community member Madoka Malika (yes…she said yes) ~ Stephen]

Okay, we all know what year itreallyis. How could we forget 2016: the year that murdered everybody? But if we were to look only at recent game releases likeOwlboy, Final Fantasy XV,andThe Last Guardian,you’d think it was at least 2010 right now. Soak it in, people! This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to traveling though time.

Akuma’s Street Fighter V Debut Will Come With a Topless Cheat Code

Honestly, I can barely tell the difference. Those things are absolutely not natural.

Here Are Destructoid’s Favorite Alolan Pokemon

Dex out for Harambe.

Palutena Teaches Smash How to Pole Dance

I can safely say this was the most unexpected find of the week.

Review: The Last Guardian

I mean, sure, if we’re rounding down.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Needs Some Tweaking, but has High-Nostalgic Potential

What is the number one reason for a day off work in Australia?Possum attack.

New Details Surface About Wind Waker 2’s Cancellation

Honestly, I think they’ve been running with that style ever since the 3edgy5meTwilight Princessturned out to be less well received. I mean we lost the chibi anime heads, but other than that…

Soul Calibur’s 20th Anniversary Video Gives Glimmer of Hope for 6th Title

They’ll give everybody’s favorite character Kilik for free and charge for literally everything else. Characters, costumes, weapons, stages… you won’t even be able to play three matches in a row without buying continues. It’s brilliant!

Warhammer 40K Squad Shooter Space Hulk: Deathwing is 32% Off

ZombZ with the underrated response of the week:

The ladies just can’t resist theZ.

Sony Surpasses 50 Million PS4 Sales

The what?

The Nintendo Rebound

I wonder how many maximum security prisoners are Bronies.

I would like to thank PSISomething for sharing this treasure.

Call of Duty Physical Sales are Down from Last Year

Seriously.Sales numbers about units shipped are about as useful as an owl in a cement factory.

XEED’s Retail Edition of Shantae Half-Genie Hero Looks Nice

The cover art for1/2 Genie Herois a pirate’s dream come true, as Thiago points out.

Five Years Later, do You Still Want Mega Man Legends 3?

Hell, people are still holding out forHalf-Life 3. And, hey, if the last month is anything to go by we’ll get both games before long!

New Chinese Law Governs Video Game Loot Boxes

Don’t be silly, that would destroy the shitty mobile gaming market which would be justterrible.

Hey Uh, Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Actually Looks Pretty Fun

The best part of doing Comments of the Week is finding stuff like this:

Three boob comments this week!

Bully Gets a 10th Anniversary Re-release on Mobile

Crisis averted!

Superhot, One of the Best Games of 2016, Finally Goes Full Meta

The rumor come out: does Superhot is good enough?

Just Listening to this Data-Mined P.T. Audio is Unnerving

I hated Konami before it was cool, back when they bought Hudson and cancelled the in-development sequel toBloody Roar.

(Update) Starbucks to Get Special Pokemon Go Event with ‘New Pokemon’

It’s the logical next step. Sun, Moon, and Starbucks!

Destiny’s Development Team Just Got a Little Bigger

This conversation perfectly explains why I dislikeDestinyso much.

Gigantic Hits Open Beta at Last on Xbox One and Windows 10

What were we talking about?

Surprise, PewDiePie’s Channel Deletion Threat was a Troll

Except withoutXIII, there wouldn’t have beenFinal Fantasy XV.It was good for something after all!

Citalis, Which was Once too Hard, is Now too Easy

Honestly, did anyonenotread that as “Cialis”?

This week’s Commenter of the Week isTeanna Werefoxfor their response in anarticle about theSonicanniversary art book.Not only did they go for the double sarcasm combo, theyalso reminded me thatGexwas a thing. Man, when I was a kid all I ever wanted wasGexaction figures for some reason. I kept staring at the advertisement in ToyFare magazine and then searching for details online about when they were coming out. Alas, they never did.

And that’s another week in the books, fellow Dtoiders. Until next time, may all your toy-related dreams come true.