Comments of the Week 06: Down But Not Out


Fuzunga does what Nintendon’t

See, what did I tell you? The week started off with the cancellation of Scalebound and ended with Switch pre-order madness. 2017 has officially begun!

Also, my old MacBook decided to stop charging in the middle of the week which means I have to work from this Chromebook now. Needless to say, this recap is going to be a little bit… different because of it. More quickposts, less threaded conversations, and one weird header. Let’s do this!

Let’s take a moment to fully appreciate this

An appropriate response to the surreal moment during the Switch presentation that I used in the header.

Nintendo Switch is skipping Miiverse and StreetPass

The comments section is full of gems like this and I suggest you check it out.

This will definitely be thegreatest tragedy of 2017.

Nintendo leads into the Switch event with a huge eShop sale

Nintendo has never really understood the concept of a sale. To be fair, though, even Amazon struggles with this from time to time.

Shovel Knight is getting a Nintendo Switch port and much more

Honestly, I’m okay with this too. I already have my Kickstarter copy for Wii U and the Vita version on cartridge, but now I’ll be able to play the same version anywhere!

You and your mateys will have to be thick as thieves to excel at Sea of Thieves

Don’t plunder too hard now, you thick thieves!

Microsoft has officially canceled Scalebound

I can’t believe Microsoft cancelled the sequel to one of the most memorable and universally-beloved platformers of all time!

Madman creates his own AI, trains it how to play Mario Kart

Did you know Mario Kart was created because of Miyamoto’s childhood hobby of rubber band racing?

January 19 is a big day for Battleborn

That’s a pretty big insult to the One True Game of the Year!

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a gorgeous cinematic story trailer

What’s even the point then?Horizonis going to be a huge flop because of this!

China still isn’t lifting their ban on Pokemon Go because it’s ‘too dangerous’

I never thought of it that way, but maybe China is on to something.

Review: Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

If anything, I think it’d beRetro City Rampageports. I own the game on a damn floppy disk!

A whole bunch of third-party Nintendo Switch accessories have leaked

My uncle that works at Nintendo has confirmed this to me.

The Nintendo Switch will support external storage for up to 2TB, when the pricey cards actually exist

This week’s level-headed conversation:

Nintendo gets a lot of unnecessary hate, and this is one of those times. Is the amount of included storage low? Yes, comically. Could it have included more without increasing the price? Almost certainly. Did I see a 64 gig micro SD card on sale for $15 last week? Yes I did.

Holy hell, you can kill the Big Boos in Super Mario World

Did you know Mario could do this?

Don’t try it at home.

The Commenter of the Week this time around isNeoSmeersfor what I consider an underrated gem. The newKing of Fighters XIVupdates makes the game look better, but also shinier.

I imagine boob sweat effects will be the next big thing in Japanese game development.

I’d like to give a shout-out toFotorfor the basic editing tools I used this week. If you’re listening, people in charge of Fotor, please consider adding pixelated fonts to your catalog! Hopefully my computer will be operational next week. See you then!