Comments of the Week 13: We're up all night to Get Unlucky


We’ve come too far to replace our ooktar

Howdy y’all. It’s your resident cave-dweller ooktar here taking the reigns of the CotW machine for the first time. It’s the 13th edition and 13 is an unlucky number so if your comment didn’t make it this week then don’t direct your angry Skeletor gifs towards me as it’s all up to fate now. Now let’s all gather ’round and take a look at what our silly Dtoiders said this week.

ooktar:Nekro’s Sex Dungeon: A PS VR Experience.

ooktar:Yeah but I heard it’s a rather sleazy port job.

ooktar:Cum with me if you want to live.

ooktar:That is their Cologne. Eau de Toilette.

ooktar:Any ReMore of that would’ve been a ReSnore.

ooktar:In proper sequel fashion, they’ll be replaced by Corey Feldman and Malcolm McDowell.

ooktar:That’s usually my same reaction when I see the monthly PS Plus games for Vita.

ooktar:That’s assuming you can even get one pre-ordered without it being cancelled.

ooktar:So all of Dere’s puns are his wife’s fault?

ooktar:54% of Switch voters are terrible people.

ooktar:Just remember when you’re spanking it to 2B, God’s watching.

ooktar:Well how can I turn down a request like that?

ooktar:I’ve doomed us all.

Well that’s all, folks. I hope you enjoyed my first time rounding up your comments and plastering them here for all to see. Hopefully if you enjoy it they’ll let me do another one of these. Or they’ll send me back in the cave and push a boulder over the entrance so I can’t escape again so please send your love so that doesn’t happen. Thanks everybody.