Comments of the Week 23: Very Superstitious


The writing’s on the wall

Hey folks. Welcome to yet another edition of Comments of the Week from your resident cave dweller ooktar. It’s week 23 and 23 is a pretty mysterious number. Did you know that there are 23 chromosomes in the human sex cell or that Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times? How about that Max Headroom first aired on Network 23 or the Dude from The Big Lebowski always bowls at lane 23. 23 is everywhere if you look for it. Though I guess that’s true for a lot of numbers though.

Anyways enough enigma talk, let’s get to this week’s comments.

ooktar:At this point I don’t know if executives get off on making themselves money or making everyone else miserable.

ooktar:They saw that one coming.

ooktar:I can confirm being lonely is cheap. I stay single so I can keep saving money…….. really that’s the reason.

ooktar:My favorite part of Mario Odyssey is when they revealed that Luigi was actually the dead body on the floor the whole time.

ooktar:As one of Dtoid’s leading authority figures regarding thicc women, I approve.

ooktar:*Insert joke about Sonic being fast here*

ooktar:Mind blown.

ooktar:I dumped a girl once because my girl wouldn’t get off the computer. I kept telling her she had plenty of adult friends and she didn’t need to keep searching on Adult Friend Finder.

ooktar:Many controllers in my youth were forever tainted with the stains of Cheetos dust and the aroma of Cool Ranch Doritos.

ooktar:Confirmed Nekro is a Timecop.

ooktar:Let me know when they make a version for the EyeToy.

ooktar:“Gawrsh Sora, I’d heal you but I gotta figure out how to repeal Obamacare first.”

ooktar:“Sony is proud to announce the latest Ape Escape……go karts, exclusive to PS VR.”

ooktar:I think that would just make it crumble faster.

ooktar:That’s why the ball pit always smells so weird.

ooktar:It turns out we are actually the aliens and aliens are just Moonlings.

That’s it for this week’s edition everybody. I hope you enjoyed this fine round up of comments and quickposts for you all to gawk at and admire. I certainly enjoyed seeking them out and featuring them for you. FakePlasticTree will be here next week to gather up comments for y’all.