Comments of the Week 30: Give 'im a Big Hand


Better late than never

So, I know this submission is a little late.

Trust me, I hate myself more than you hate me.

I decided to be a good housemate and cook a full-blown Sunday Roast dinner for the others living with me. As such, that meant checking the meat was cooked and upon attempting to stick the skewer into the meat, somebody jogged the table, the meat fell, and I accidentally stabbed my hand instead.

Writing this down makes it sound more cartoonish than it already does when stated audibly.That’s the last time I decide to be nice.

But I’m back, better than ever and ready to give you all the best comments of the week. Well… last week.Whatever, you get the point.

The Attack on Titan studio is helping with the new Pokemon movie, which has a slightly different art style

TheLimoMaker:That image is just daring me to masturbate to it.

Japan’s Splatfest results will keep you warm this winter

TheLimoMaker:Not terrible, just perverted.

TheLimoMaker:There are too many puns I can make but I’m too classy to stoop that low.

Doom VFR makes me sick

TheLimoMaker:Or the “3D Television” of gaming.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best PS4 Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:Hypno knows the real GOTY.

TheLimoMaker:So many tasty Gifs.

TheLimoMaker:You are evidently looking in the wrong place if you wish for class.

TheLimoMaker:If only there were a cure. I hear playingTroll and Iis a good antidote.

A Way Out will only require one purchase for online co-op

TheLimoMaker:This meme is too strong.

Monster Hunter: World will get new monsters after release

TheLimoMaker:Essentially, where can I buy every copy of this game?

Kojima makes sense of the new Death Stranding trailer

TheLimoMaker:Me during everyMetal Gear Solidgame.

TheLimoMaker:Truer words were never spoken.

TheLimoMaker:Wouldn’t you do the same?

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Xbox One Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:They put out good stuff this year. Sort of. Kind of. Not really, but they’retryingso hard!

I took gamer pills for a month and felt nothing

TheLimoMaker:I really didn’t know whether to feature this for the sheer memetic quality of it.

TheLimoMaker:That is one of the wildest comments I’ve read all year.

Open-world adventure One Piece: World Seeker coming next year

TheLimoMaker:I’ve only just started readingOne Pieceso I will have an actual comment when I’m done with it…see you in 40 years.

Expect a fix for newly-gated content in Destiny 2 this week

TheLimoMaker:Activision-Bungie. Never forget.

Super Robot Wars X announced for 2018

TheLimoMaker:I wish Japanese children were named in the same manner as Japanese anime/video games.

Comments of the Week 28: Ring Ting Jing-a-Ling, Ding Dong Ding-a-Ling

TheLimoMaker:He shall pay for his crimes.

Capcom CEO wants to bring ports of games to Switch that have never been on a Nintendo console

TheLimoMaker:God have mercy on us all.

The second global mission for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will have you Mantine surfing

TheLimoMaker:Can’t blame him Torch, your waifu alone is disappointing.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:ReplaceDestiny 2withDoki Dokiand everything would be okie-dokie.

Microsoft launches ‘HypeZone’ stream for PUBG, which only shows players close to winning

TheLimoMaker:I suppose, life is cinematic. *cue choir noises and head explosions*

Fez is still being ported and now it’s on iOS

TheLimoMaker:Only if you take me to dinner first.

There’s a Metal Gear Survive console beta next month

TheLimoMaker:And just as rancid.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Portable Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:My Wii U is my baby, even if Nintendo hates my baby and took it away from me in the custody settlement.

Your free trial of ‘Destructoid’ has ended, please pay your Internet provider MOAR

TheLimoMaker:Leave it to porn sites to justgetit.

Today’s Star Wars Battlefront II update brings The Last Jedi content and balance changes

TheLimoMaker:No witticism here. Just agreement and solidarity amongst users.

Monster Hunter: World’s beta was a total blast

TheLimoMaker:Can someone do aMonster Hunter Worldwalkthrough in character as Tommy Wiseau? I’ll support you on Patreon.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best VR Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:In PornVR, your finger will be the only limp thing around here, buster!

Predator’s here to kill all the Ghost Recon Wildlands players

TheLimoMaker:Ask and ye shall receive.

Finding Paradise gets a launch trailer and release date

TheLimoMaker:Those ninjas have real strong onions.

Disney is set to buy 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

TheLimoMaker:He isn’t wrong. The Simpsons actually did predict it.

TheLimoMaker:Told you.

TheLimoMaker:Warner Brothers… I am so sorry.

Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Wii U Game of 2017

TheLimoMaker:God I hate that game.

Take-Two has a promising new publishing label for indie studios

TheLimoMaker:Take-Two is like a poor man’s Activision.

Review: Never Stop Sneakin’

TheLimoMaker:Tasty Scrubs memes. Give them to me.

Fortnite Battle Royale introduces cosmetic ‘Battle Pass’

TheLimoMaker:I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

Next week’s Monster Hunter: World beta won’t require PS Plus

TheLimoMaker:Capcom Execs: “Look down, look down, don’t look them in the eye!”

TheLimoMaker:Yes to open (open) betas. None of this online-only bullshit.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Jump Festa trailer shows off Goku Black, Beerus, Hit, and cinematic scenes

TheLimoMaker:Keiichi is right though.

The Ballad of ASSBUTT; Or, Times We’ve Abused the Option to Name Our Own Characters

TheLimoMaker:I genuinely have nothing. These are all amazing.

What’s the last game that scared you silly?

TheLimoMaker:You monster. (Says the man who hasn’t played either.)

What is the worst game you’ve ever played?

TheLimoMaker:But…but I grew up with that game.

Sony remembers the Vita long enough to wish it a happy birthday

TheLimoMaker:*Checks Amazon* Yeah he’s right actually, they are far too expensive even now.

Review: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis

TheLimoMaker:GIF of the year.

So that was me, hopefully you enjoyed this incredibly long edition of Comments of the Week. Consider it my penance for not getting this out on time. It won’t happen again.

Honestly though, the sheer amount of excellent comments this week was insane and I am consistently amazed at how witty the community is.

Except for GameManiac.He didn’t make a funny commentagainthis week. Strange.

See ya next time guys. Ciao.