Comments of the Week 48: Mom of War



Well hello there! ‘Tis I, Mom of War, also known as WILFoftheblues to my closest friends. Here in the Midwest, Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are looking for their nuts, and Mother Nature appears to have finally gotten laid. She was getting pretty bitchy there for a bit.

What’s the deal with Dad of war? Where is Mom of war? Furthermore, why are there few and far between strong female roles in video games? These are the questions that run through my mind a lot. I mean, could you even imagine if the the kid in God of War was a female child? Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl. Trust me on this one: It would add a whole new level to the game. Game developers, get on this, would ya?

Not only is this my first blog ever, but this is my first CotW. So go easy on me… unless you like it rough because I can get down with that, too ? So let’s get into it, shall we?

WILFoftheblues:At my age I just leave a trail of dry rub dust. Enjoy the slip and slide while it lasts, guys and dolls.

WILFoftheblues:It’s all fun and games until you get a papercut on your tits and bits.

WILFoftheblues:If showering with Tails is an option you’re given…I’d always recommend taking that option. It just sounds fun.

WILFoftheblues:Hey Teacher! Leave our LEGO alone!!

WILFoftheblues:Oh, how dad sucked…let me count the ways. Notmy dad,mind you.Your dad sucked.

WILFoftheblues:*shaking my fist*Whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!

WILFoftheblues:Fractured Butt Hole is my stripper name.

WILFoftheblues:Ohhhh Occams, your way with words is a thing of beauty.

WILFoftheblues:This is exactly what Mr. Blues and I look like dealing with the Blues kids.

WILFoftheblues:Who knew Wes was such the memorable lover? Leaving heartbroken fellas in his wake – what a bastard!

WILFoftheblues:You mean…if I take my obnoxious kid to a quiet movie…people will get pissy?WHO KNEW?

WILFoftheblues:Blue Balls, Pink Walls, and Eyeballs is the name of my autobiography.

WILFoftheblues:I have this exact outfit in my closet. I wear it to grocery shop.

WILFoftheblues:That’s all it would take to keep it alive and well in our household. My son actually plays with his a lot still. That is when he can find it and the charge cord at the same time.

WILFoftheblues:Good Goddo! That’s a expensive Doggo!

WILFoftheblues:Where’s the beef? errr ummm…action.

WILFoftheblues:MATT DAMON!!

WILFoftheblues:My baby girl was thrilled that you guys featured her accomplishment. You guys made her day even better. Yet another reason why this place is way more than just gaming; this is a family and we love you.

WILFoftheblues:Cutest grandpa ever! It’s so great to see our older generation being cherished like they should.

WILFoftheblues:Our one and only Occams and Jasondm300’s birthdays and Earth Day fell on the same day. What a day to celebrate.

WILFoftheblues: We finally solved the upvotebot mystery. He woulda got away with it too if it wasn’t for the meddling kids.

WILFoftheblues:Don’t hate me for my magic vagina… some of us just got it like that.

WILFoftheblues:That Limo guy speaks the truth. There is no shame in crying – let alone over a beloved pet.

WILFoftheblues:Man, I hate when I break my penis. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

WILFoftheblues:I like big cocks and I cannot lie. Also do you think Mr. Blues would let me draw this fancy design on his? I need a fancy cock in my life.

WILFoftheblues:I find these funnier than most. I can relate to them more than I care to admit. My “boy” is a handful.

WILFoftheblues:Alright boys, whip ’em out and fight!! I got winner.

WILFoftheblues:HE DID IT!!! I’m so proud of ya kiddo! You kept with it and you got it done.

That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed my debut CotW. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cried, or maybe you got all twitchy from my horrid grammar. At any rate, you came and there is no such thing as a bad cum.

Next week will be Goofierbrute’s debut. Go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather and have a great week.